Professional Service Providers

Services for Professional Service Providers

Those who provide services to others – doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers, and consultants – sometimes overlook the important issues facing their own practices. And it takes a smooth-running, efficient practice to result in the delivery of excellent client or patient service. That's where the professional members of Whittlesey & Hadley's Service Team can help. Our team members are experienced and educated not only in traditional client services (accounting, auditing, tax, and financial services), but in a number of specialized areas that apply to service providers:

  • Accounts receivable analysis

  • Billings and collections analysis
  • Internal controls testing and implementation
  • Analysis of personnel salary
  • Analysis of staffing requirements
  • Analysis and implementation of partner/shareholder agreements
  • Analysis and implementation of buy-in/buy-out arrangements
  • Benchmarking practice financial data with industry data
  • Income and estate tax planning
  • Selection, installation and training of accounting software

Whittlesey & Hadley has honed its competitive edge by doing things the smart way, not the traditional way. We advise our clients on critical issues that lead to personal success. And this frees you up to do what you do best - run your business. Contact us.