Health Care

Services for the Health Care Industry

Whittlesey & Hadley is pleased to offer the following specific services to help your medical practice or facility run smoothly and efficiently.

Financial Management Services for Health Care

  • Analyze and review monthly financial statements
  • Perform budget and cash flow projections
  • Assist with vendor negotiations
  • Provide annual review of all insurances

Corporate Management Services for Health Care

  • Review and maintain corporate documents, including buy/sell agreements, employment agreements, and hospital contracts
  • Calculate physician buy-in/ buy-outs
  • Assist in physician recruitment
  • Facilitate long-range business planning
  • Assist with joint ventures
  • Assess need for and implementation of outpatient centers
  • Assist with credentialing/ recredentialing

Reimbursement Management Services for Health Care

  • Analyze third party contracts and negotiations
  • Review monthly billing system and management reporting
  • Provide oversight of receivable management company and collections
  • Analyze fee schedule, feasibility and impact analysis
  • Analyze explanation of benefits, with review of office charges
  • Review billing process
  • Participate in charting and implementing corporate objectives
  • Provide monthly review of management and business issues
  • Advise clients on current trends, legislative and administrative matters in healthcare
  • Track all managed care contracts

Tax and Accounting Services for Health Care

  • Provide monthly bookkeeping services
  • Prepare monthly financial statements
  • Prepare corporate tax returns
  • Perform retirement plan accounting

Just as you provide check-ups to your patients, our job is to give your practice a financial and operations check-up. Whether our services are provided on a monthly or special projects basis, we promise that our work will let you do what you do best: Deliver compassionate care to your patients.

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