Specialty Niches

The specific market sectors we serve

Not-for-Profit Organizations

Whittlesey & Hadley brings our not-for-profit clients a team of accounting, technology, consulting, and recruitment experts. We are an accounting firm – and a whole lot more – to more than 300 not-for-profit clients.

Professional Service Providers

Services for Professional Service Providers

Those who provide services to others – lawyers, architects, engineers, and consultants – sometimes overlook the important issues facing their own practices. And it takes a smooth-running, efficient practice to result in the delivery of excellent client or patient service. That's where the professional members of Whittlesey & Hadley's Service Team can help. Our team members are experienced and educated not only in traditional client services (accounting, auditing, tax, and financial services), but in a number of specialized areas that apply to service providers.

High Net-Worth Individuals

Financial and Advisory Services for High Net-Worth Individuals

You've worked long and hard over the years to build a strong financial foundation. It's our job to help you manage and maximize your financial foundation so that you can do what you do best where you do it best, whether it's in the board room or on the golf course. The professionals at Whittlesey & Hadley will be as involved as you want us to be in managing your financial matters.

Health Care

Just as you provide check-ups to your patients, our job is to give your practice a financial and operations check-up. Whether our services are provided on a monthly or special projects basis, we promise that our work will let you do what you do best: Deliver compassionate care to your patients.

Real Estate & Construction

Financial and Consulting Services for Real Estate, Affordable Housing & Construction

For several years, the real estate and construction industries have navigated through an unprecedented downturn. Better days are ahead, and now's the time to prepare.

We will work with you to assess your personal and business financial needs and goals and chart a course of action - a blueprint - to follow. Building roads, bridges and buildings requires a plan, and so does your future.

Services for Credit Unions

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

They teach our children, patrol our streets, read our meters, fight our fires, and build our nation’s aircraft and ships. Others manufacture the products that make our lives easier. What do they have in common?

Services for Community Banks

Just as we turn to our bank, those who manage these banks turn to the professionals at Whittlesey & Hadley, P.C. for sound financial and management advice. Our team of industry specialists provide a wide range of accounting and management consulting services to community banks.

Pension Plans

Employee Pension Plans are becoming increasingly complex and the regulations governing them change on a regular basis. It is a full-time job to manage the intricate details and ensure your fiduciary responsibilities are being met.

Whittlesey and Hadley has a team dedicated to assisting clients with plan audits, fiduciary consulting, and plan management. As fees increase - but investment returns do not - we can assist with the details that make these plans so complicated.

Affordable Housing


Whittlesey & Hadley, P.C. is a proven provider of professional services to clients in the affordable housing industry. Our expertise includes:

  • Extensive experience in all facets of the real estate industry from development to the management of projects
  • Knowledge of the various federal and state regulatory approval and annual oversight processes
  • U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) programs and audit requirements

Services for Business

Financial and Advisory Services for the Closely-Held Business

Since its inception in 1961, Whittlesey & Hadley, P.C. has dedicated itself to meeting the financial and business advisory needs of closely-held businesses. We do this by addressing the financial goals and needs of the business entity as well as the personal and professional goals of the business owner. Many of our business clients have been our clients for decades; we take great pride in the fact that we have served and guided multiple generations of leadership in these businesses.

Manufacturing & Distribution

As a member of several industry groups and associations, Whittlesey & Hadley's Manufacturing & Distribution Team constantly monitors new developments in the world of manufacturing. Then our staff of advisors uses this information to help you, our client, develop and implement the best strategy for achieving your business goals.