Financial Institutions

Services for Credit Unions and Community Banks

Each member of Whittlesey & Hadley's financial institution team participates in a rigorous continuing professional education program to ensure that he/she remains informed on new regulations and audit procedures.

Our commitment to serving financial institutions is a top priority of our Firm. We offer valuable assistance to our clients as they evolve and grow through their life cycle.

Whittlesey & Hadley is a member of PKF International, an affiliation of independent accounting firms worldwide. This affiliation puts us in constant contact with accountants around the world who also serve financial institutions. We participate in seminars and monthly conference calls to discuss issues that face our clients. We also attend an annual educational conference that addresses key industry topics. This dedicated focus, enhanced by more than a decade of service to the industry, gives our bank clients confidence that they are dealing with industry experts.

Services for Credit Unions

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

They teach our children, patrol our streets, read our meters, fight our fires, and build our nation’s aircraft and ships. Others manufacture the products that make our lives easier. What do they have in common?

Services for Community Banks

Just as we turn to our bank, those who manage these banks turn to the professionals at Whittlesey & Hadley, P.C. for sound financial and management advice. Our team of industry specialists provide a wide range of accounting and management consulting services to community banks.

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