Tax Planning

Tax Planning, Preparation, and Advisory Services

When it comes to taxes, you need more than just numbers. At Whittlesey & Hadley, we provide insight into what the numbers mean to you, your business, your family. We don't simply prepare taxes; we work with you to craft a tax planning strategy for the current year and for your future.

Our services include:

  • Action plans that respond to the latest changes in tax laws;

  • Tax assistance with complex translations, such as business consolidation, reorganization, acquisition and liquidation;

  • Real Estate transactions including feasibility, purchase and sale, and like-kind exchanges;

  • Estate and retirement planning, including investment and life insurance analysis;

  • Federal and state tax returns that are timely and precise.

At Whittlesey & Hadley, we know that tax planning is not an event that occurs once a year. It is a year-round process that examines your historical performance as well as your future projections and business goals. It is this long-range view of your personal and business goals that makes working with a Whittlesey & Hadley tax professional such a valuable experience.

Let Whittlesey & Hadley respond to your financial needs with tax services that are creative, timely and accurate. Contact us today.

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