W&H Culture

Accounting is a challenging profession that requires dedication and attention to detail. In this fast-paced environment, however, Whittlesey & Hadley doesn’t lose sight of the importance of work-life balance.

We often say that we have the experience and expertise of a large, national firm, but the responsiveness of a local firm. The same approach applies to career development. We encourage our associates to continuously increase their skills and knowledge. In addition, we provide the personal attention and mentorship to ensure ongoing education and training are part of an integrated plan to promote individual growth for all our employees.

To counteract the professional demands faced by our employees, W&H offers a generous paid time off policy and several Firm-wide events and activities throughout the year. And there is always plenty of good food during our busy tax season!
A diverse, motivated and satisfied workforce is key to our success. As such, we encourage our employees to take part in Firm-sponsored programs and initiatives that provide education, career enhancement strategies, and advice on navigating work-life balance. This fosters an environment of growth and employee satisfaction, which directly translates to providing the best possible service for our clients.

Some of our internal programs and initiatives include:

  • Women’s Leadership Network

    We realize professional women face a variety of challenges in the workplace. Our Women’s Leadership Network is one of the programs we have in place to help our female professional staff develop leadership skills and provide support in defining a career path – while recognizing the unique challenges they may face.

    The mission of the program is straightforward: to facilitate the recruitment, advancement and retention of talented professional women. The Women’s Leadership Initiative promotes this mission by offering a variety of relationship building, networking, and soft skills training programs, both inside and outside the Firm to enhance the careers and lives of our female professional staff.

    It is rare to find a program like the Women’s Leadership Network outside the arena of the largest firms in the country. Whittlesey & Hadley is proud to offer this program within the framework of a smaller, progressive, and client-centric Firm.